AusllyRocking is the founder of the page. She asked if people wanted to be an admin & she added those who did. She plays Rocky.


RedAuslly is the head admin. She asked AusllyRocking to amke her an admin & she made her head admin. She plays Becca.


BloodyRose11 asked to be admin so AusllyRocking made her an admin! She plays Rose.


Mrs.NiallHoran was the first to ask to become an admin. She plays Marley.


Icecream18 is an admin of this page. He is one of the only 2 boy admins. He plays Aidan.

 Nutter ButterEdit

Nutter is one of the only 2 boy admins.He plays Marcus.


  • Aidan is also the name of a boy crushing on AusllyRocking in real life!
  • RedAuslly is AusllyRocking's sister.
  • When BloodyRose11 asked to be an admin AusllyRocking didn't realize!
  • There are only 2 boy admins.
  • Becca's real name is Emily.
  • Nutter Butter inspired AusllyRocking to start making wikis!